Nail Polish of the Day 9-1-12

ImageFirst I just wanna say that I am extremely sorry this post is late and that I haven’t been posting recently. I have just been so buisy.

So the nail polish of the day is by O.P.I. Sadly I got my nails done at a salon and they didnt have the nail on the bottom of the bottle so I am not sure what the name of this color is. 

I love this color though and its great since fall and winter are on their way. This color is a shimery color but what I like about it is that it is opaic enough that you only need one to two coats!

 ImageIt looks amazing in any like because you can always see the shimmer on the nails! I ot tons of compliments when I wore this and everyone was asking what the color was becasue they loved it on! 

ImageHere is a picture of it in the sun. Even in the sun it looks amazing becasue the sun reflects off the shimmers. Even though it isn’t quite fall or winter yet I still love ths color. Although it would look ten times better if you wore it at the end of fall, beginning of winter since it is a dark shimmery purple.

Anyways I love this color alot and I think if you can find a simalar color, since I don’t know the name of this one, for fall and winter, it would be amazing!





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