Bare Minerals Small Haul

ImageOne of my favorite high end makeup brands is bare minerals. I love their stuff and am getting more and more things from there. The other day I went to the actual Bare Minerals store and bought this. I love how at Bare Minerals they do lots of sets and so I usually get sets whenever I go. This is a set that came with a mini face brush, which I use for highlighting and contouring my cheeks, a mini mineral veil powder, and a mini face primer.

ImageI believe that this set was $15. Another thing I love about Bare MInerals is that their individual products are usually between $15 and $28 for one product but with their sets they are usually very cheap and its like the amount of money of one of the many things you got in the set.

I just wanted to show you guys what I picked up and I will be having a Bare Minerals review on their brand and every product I have from them, very soon! So look out for that and I hope you enjoyed!




2 thoughts on “Bare Minerals Small Haul

  1. After reading a lot about Bare Minerals, I’ve been debating whether to get some for a while now (I haven’t seen any counters in the UK or any stores.) But I’m a bit scared about micro-exfoliation, especially in the Winter, and if it really does look “invisible,” since the powder foundations I’ve used in the past have looked fairly good, but not invisible. Thanks for reminding me. x

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