How To Get Glowy Summer Awake Skin

Image1. Highlighter – Using a shimmery highlighter on your cheek bones just lightens up your face and makes it glowy. The sun reflects off the highest points of your face and since your cheek bones stick out a little the sun hits thereand if you highlight your cheek bones the sun will reflect off of it and make your skin look refreshed and glowy.

2. White liner – If you use white eyeliner on your waterline it blends with the white of your eyeball and makes the white part of your eye pop and be even brighter. Also if you put it in your inner corner it makes you look more awake.

3. Bronzer – For the summer everyone loves to have tan glowy skin. When your using a bronzer maybe try one with a little bit of shimmer so it makes it look glowy and tan and just awakens your face. 

4. Light Concealer – Everyone loves to use concealer to make your face look even more flawless. We like to use it under our eyes and on our blemishes to conceal everything. When using the concealer under your eyes, a great tip is to use a concealer that is a shade lighter than your facce. This is going to lighten your face and make it look moreawake and will bring more attention to your eyes.




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