NYC Lip Stains

I am personally one who LOVES lip stains. This summer it’s been all I’ve been wearing on my lips! I’ve been trying to find the best one and I think I might have found it! I bought the Revlon Kissable Lip Stains and loved it but I wanted something better. I went to Target today and think I might’ve found my favorite lip stain.

The NYC Smooth Proof 16H Lip Stain. Right when you put it on it instantly stains your lips. Another great thing about these lip stains is they’re only $4.49. One thing I love is that when I had it on it wouldn’t transfer onto anything, so if you were to kiss someone it wouldn’t get on them, or if you were drinking from a glass it wouldn’t transfer at all, which to me is a big plus. I tested it out and put it on my lips and it lasted for over 3 hours. In those 3 hours I ate dinner and it still stayed. The only thing was you could still tell I had some color on my lips but it just wasn’t as vibrant as when I first put it on my lips, but you still have color on your lips for the 16H. In those 16 hours you can see it has faded dramatically but you still see color on your lips!

There are however two things I don’t really like as much about this lip stain. The first thing is that when you have it on your lips you feel like nothings there, which can be a good thing, but sometimes your lips will start to feel dry. The only other thing I don’t like about this lip stain is since it stains your lips right away you have to be really careful of not getting it outside of your lips or it will stay stained there.

Overall I dolove this product and I will definitely repurchase it! Thats my review!




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